Dakota-Blue Dome

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Dakota-Blue Dome

The Blue Dome is owned by Micheal Sager.

The Blue Dome was Built in 1924

The Blue Dome

The Blue Dome is purrfect!

The Blue Dome District By: Brooks and Dakota Gee The Blue Dome is interesting and a great place to visit on Route 66. If you are traveling through downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma then you are in luck because that’s where the Blue Dome is waiting for you! The Blue Dome has a blue roof, yellow bricks, and lots of windows. Michal Sager is lucky because he owns the Blue Dome. The Blue Dome was important to Route 66 because it was the first gas station in Oklahoma to have hot water, pressurized air, a car wash, and 24 hour service. The new highway made people stop buying gas from the Blue Dome. Did you know the gas duty attendant lived in the Blue Dome? The Blue Dome used to be a gulf oil gas station. The Blue Dome is the best!

Route 66 is AWESOME!

The Blue Dome=awesome!

The Blue Dome is Located in Tulsa,Oklahoma.


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