Daisy Buchanan the great gatsby

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Daisy Buchanan the great gatsby

Daisy Buchanan, Nick Carraway's cousin and Jay Gatsby's true love. In the past, she had fallen in love with him and she had promised to wait for him. One of Daisy's flaws was that she constantly needed to be loved. Eventually young and wealthy, Tom asked for Daisy's love and without hesitation she agreed to marry Tom. Daisy had broken poor Gatsby's heart and without her Gatsby feels incomplete. Daisy's personality shows that she is free and has no care in the world. She uses her personality to hide the pain that Tom's unfaithfulness brings her. Does she truly love him or is she hiding her love towards someone else.

Daisy Buchanan

"I can't help what's past."

Concept of Reality

"The best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

Many of Daisy's problems were due to the fact of how women were portrayed in the 1920s. She believed that women needed to be foolish and if they weren't then they were not living life freely. Throughout history the world has always been rough on women, which is why she believes why women needed to be foolish. If she moved away from society's standards then she would have fewer problems.

Is there more to Daisy than shown?

"I did love him once- but I loved you too."

Daisy needs love and affection which is why she married Tom without hesitation. She has a deep need for loved and a need of being loved. Daisy is confusing because if all she wanted was to be loved by the right person then she made a mistake by marrying Tom.

Jay Gatsby or Tom Buchanan?

The video represents how Daisy doesn't truly know how she feels. She is stuck between Gatsby and Tom and she does not know who to go for. Daisy's isn't use to making these hard decisons which is why she leads Gatsby on and breaks his heart slowly but surely.

Daisy is instilled with false hope. As she matures, she realizes that dreams don't always come true but she hopes that one day they come true. She lives in a world where she lies to herself constantly and not being true with herself. Daisy also seems to live in this little girl world, were she does not accept the consequences of her actions. She lives in a world where all the decisions are made by Tom, which is why she was hesitant to run away with Gatsby. Daisy lives life the way only way she knows how to.


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