Daintree National Park

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Daintree National Park

THINGS TO DOWalking - Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park map•Guided tours and talks•Have a picnic•Boating and fishing•Viewing wildlife



RULES•fires are not permitted•bins are not provided so take your rubbish away with you.•Camping permits are required and must be booked in advance•Pets are not permitted•Stay on walking tracks•Obey all signs and regulations•Do not feed any wildlife


Maps of daintree national park

WHEN TO VISITWinter is the best time to visit as there are fewer insects, no box jellyfish and better weather conditions.During summer (Nov-March) there is a lot of rain.

WHAT TO SEELizards, frogs, pythons, butterflies, birds,funghi, insectsThe oldest rainforest on the planet and a varietyof ferns

Endangered animalsthese includ tree-kangaroos, Daintree River ringtail possums and southern cassowaries.

ClimateThere are normaly downpours that last about a few hours at a time.The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and most of the time the airis about 24 to 30 degrees


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