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Daily Routine



Daily Meals:






Tips To Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Daily Routine

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Without a well balanced breakfast you are not properly energized for the day. You should always strive to "eat the rainbow" at every meal, this means having a variety of colors on your plate (red, yellow, green, purple, orange, etc)

Healthy Tips

Interval training helps to improve children's fitness and helps prevent dehydration and fatigue. About 50% of children have a BMI that exceeds the norm. When children participate in interval training daily combined with healthy eating habits it will help to prevent obesity and other diseases.

Eating healthy also helps prevent issues such as eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. By eating nutrient dense foods kids are more likely to develop properly with adequate fuel. Remember to start your day by eating a balanced healthy breakfast so that you're not tired throughout the day. It is important to eat 3 healthy meals a day in order to grow strong bones. Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids to grow up healthy. Smart snacking can play a role in managing hunger and helping to boost nutrition. Snacks can also help children from getting tired or overeating during a meal. The best nutritious snacks are low in sugar, fat, and salt. Fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain foods, and protein are good choices. Another important thing to remember about snacks is the portion size and timing, so that it doesn't interfere with the next meal. Also, make sure to stay active and get as much physical activity time in a day as you can. Different types of physical activity include but are not limited to: soccer, swimming, running, yoga, basketball, hiking, skiing, and football.

For 5-10 minutes before an activity it is a good idea to do some warm ups or stretching. Warm ups should be a light aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise to get your blood flowing and heart rate up. Stretching properly before an activity helps flexibility, blood flow to muscles, joint range of motion, and prevents injury.

Research shows that a progressive resistance training is beneficial to children. However, that doesn't mean children should be using the resistance equipment in the gym. Kids get bored with repetitive activitiy and need to be stimulated mentally. Increased reps and decrease weight as well as slow movement is most beneficial for kids.


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