Daily Life of a Pharaoh

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Daily Life of a Pharaoh

Praising Ritual-To praise the great god Ra, the Pharoah would go into a holy temple with the Holy Priest.-Then he would ask Ra questions, and the priest would answer the questions as Ra.-Then, a bull was slaughtered as a sacrafice to the gods.-the Pharaoh and priest would then pray, and go back to their normal day.

Daily Life of a Pharaoh

By Max Daubert

Political Pharoah-The Pharaoh also played a part in political Egypt, too.-He would usually get very involved in the Egyptian army and trade system.-He could also build whatever he wanted to build to keep peace with the gods.

The Pharaoh-The Pharaoh was considered to be a god in human form.-Since this was believed to be true by ancient Egyptians, the Pharaoh had great power.-He was offered gifts by most of his holy subjects, and usually got what he wanted.

Daily ScheduleLike most people with busy careers, the Pharaoh of anctient Egypt had a schedule that he/she followed almost every day. First, he woke up early in the morning and got dressed by servants. They also lathered him in special oils and gave him perfume to make him appear more "attractive". Next, He went to meetings all over Egypt. These meetings included serious crimes, shortages in food, and other important things. At lunch time, he ate guarded by servants. After he was done eating, he went to praise the gods. As the king of Egypt, he was responsible for keeping the gods joyful and happy with mankind. After all, he was known as a god on earth. He praised the gods with the high preast, and then traveled across Egypt to see different places in his kingdom. Finally, he had dinner with his wife and kids. Then he went to bed.

Here is a video on great Pharoahs.

A pharoah riding into battle.

This is how a Pharaoh might have looked.

This is a Pharoah's face mask that is put on his head when he dies.

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