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This artwork "Before My Birthday" represents Dadasim in the way that instead of painting the art piece traditionally, he put it together like a sculpture. Jean took random and irrational things like a newspaper or cloth and put it together calling it art.

Jean (Hans) ArpJeans Arp was a French sculptor, painter, collagist, printmaker, and poet of German birth. He was born on the September 16,1886 in Straousburg, France. During WWI, he took refuge in Zurich, where he became one of the founders of the Dada movement. He was also associated with the Surealists and the Cercle et Carre group. (constructivism) He died on June 7, 1966 in Basel Switzerland.

The "Plastron Et Forchette" shows Dadasim in a way that is very random because you don't normally see those two objects together. Instead of putting together the sculpture like a real life fork and tooth, Jean decides to manipulate your everyday tooth and fork making it look abstract.


Plastron et ForchetteBy: Jean Arp

Marcel Duchamp was born in Normandy, France on July 28, 1887. Duchamp did not want to follow a conventional and traditional artistic path. Then he found Dadaism; alongside Picabia and Man Ray, he encourage the style of art called Dadaism. He was inspired by the mechanics of desire and sexuality, and he made lots of art in the form of Dadaism in a short time span. However his desire to follow an un-traditional artistic path ultimately lead to his leave in art, as he famously pursued his desire in competitive chess. He ultimately died on October 2, 1968, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

The "Évocation d'un Spectral Formulaire Lunaire Humaine" shows Dadasim by the artist intentionally making it abstract but still being able to identify the object. It is Dadasim also because it is random and the artist claims it is art making it art.

Before My BirthdayBy: Jean (Hans) Arp

Évocation d'un Spectral formulaire lunaire humaine By: Jean (Hans) Arp

Jean (Hans) Arp

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This piece of "art" represents Dadaism because instead of making the piece of art, Duchamp manipulated the urinal and made it a random piece of art because Duchamp said it was art.

"Fountain"by: Marcel Duchamp

Bicycle Wheel by: Marcel Duchamp

This "artpiece" is a work of Dadaism because it was manipulated by someone and the bicyle wheel became an irrational, random piece of art, and it challenged traditional art because it wasn't made; it was just tagged as art because Duchamp believed it was art.


The L.H.O.O.Q. represents Dadism because the original piece of art (Monna Lisa) was manipulated and made into a new piece of abstract, random art by Marcel Duchamp

Definition: Taking art or an object and manipulating it to make it random, abstract, and sometimes irrational art, challenging the boundaries of traditional art.


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