Dachau Concentration Camp

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Social Studies
World War II

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Dachau Concentration Camp

Prisoners were forced to do hard work under terrible conditions. The camp was divided into 2 sections - the camp area and crematoria area. The camp are was used for medical experiments and torture of prisoners. It consisted of 32 barracks. The courtyard was used for execution of prisoners. The crematorium area was constructed next to the main camp. It included the old crematorium and the new one, called Barrak X, with a gas chamber.

1st concentration camp about 15 kilometers North West of Munich at an abandoned munition factory.It contained 5,000 prisoners. Fisrt group of prisoners were taken there on March 22 and it contained mainly communists, social democrats, and homosexuals. Jews were treated more harshly than other prisoners.More than 10,000 Jews were killed from all over Germany. Those who could prove they were about to leave Germany were released.

Dachau ConcentrationCamp

An electrified barbed wire fence, a ditch, and a wall with 7 guard towers surrounded the camp. Prisoners were selected to be sent to the Hartheim ''euthanasia'' killing center near Linz, Austria if they were judged too sick or weak to continue work.


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