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Forces & Motion

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Da Vinci Glog

Velocity in Country Club Sports - Bouncing and Changing of direction of a tennis ball - Swing of the arm with racquet in hand *EXPLORE: Change of amount of force and direction when hitting the tennis ballNewton's Laws of Motion - Swimmers pushing off the wall * EXPLORE: How has the change in athletes' bodies affected their perfomance levels? (Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin)


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1) On your trip through the Da Vinci Museum find an exhibit that you think best represents the forces of push and pull. 2)While observing your exhibit feel free to take notes and pictures of the exhibit that will aid your in creating a Glog about your observations. 3) Using all of your resources, create a Glog that will educate your peers about your selected topic, and how it relates to the forces of push and pull.



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