D is for Disposable Diaper

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D  is  for Disposable Diaper

D is for Disposable DiapersTyrese TabbFebuary 2013

I chose diapers because I wore diapers when I was a little boy.

Marion Donovan invented the diaper. She was unhappy about having to change her daughter's diapers a lot and having to wash them. She got an English degree from Rosemont College in 1939 In 1958 she earned a masters degree in architecture from Yale University where she was one of only three women to graduate.

The invention was the diaper.The diaper was important because diapers are easier to use than the diapers you wash. Moms think they are easier because they don't have to be washed. They are also waterproof which is why moms and babies like them better. Babies use them, and moms put them on.

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1950:January 17 – Great Brinks Robbery: Eleven thieves steal more than $2 million from the Brink's armored car company headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.February 8 – Payment first made by Diners Club card, in New York, first use of a charge card.October 2 – The comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz is first published in seven U.S. newspapers.



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