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Social Studies

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The allies attacked at low tide which surprised the Germans. Also, this exposed many hidden traps, such as mines, that the Germans put down.

The Allies succeeded because they had more than 3000 aircrafts carrying 195000 tons of bombs, 6 infantry divisions, 7000 naval vessels, nearly 200000 tanks and other vehicles, an assault force of 160000 men onto 5 beaches.

The allies used another version of the shallow-water Higgins boat. These boats could carry 36 men, a jeep and 12 men, or 8000 pounds of cargo up to the beach. When it got up to land its normal tracks would come back up and it would be a tank.

The allies designed a tank that had a large spool at the front end. This made it possible to move through the blue clay beneath the sand.


The Germans planted many mines that were almost impossible to find. The allies created a tank that safely blows up the mines so they could safely get through.



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