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Operation Overlord" The Eyes of The World are Upon You " - D. Eisenhower

Top Secret

Many people were in this invasion. D. Eisenhower was the leader of the D-day invasion and he planned it. After the invasion took place they brought priests over to bless the soldier who had died on the field that day.

The planning of D-day wasn't really all that special. A few countries got together the brits the US and the Canadians and started the planning. The main focus was to supply the soldiers with what they needed and to get them off of the beach as fast as they possibly could. Step one get them on shore. Step two breakdown the german defences.

For my research topic I chose to focus on the invasion of Normandy beach. A.K.A. D-Day. The name D-Day doesn't really stand for anything in fact the name has been used as a title for other missions in that war. Now we mainly use it to describe what those brave soldiers took part in that day.


The weapons of this invasion are mainly the same as all of the war since the beginning. the americans had their rifles mostly the M1 Garand, The M1 carbine, and the squad leader had the Thompson M1A1. The british had their rifles which mostly consisted of the Lee enfield No.4 MK.1. And the canadians also used the American M! garand as their primary rifle. they used sherman tanks and sent them to help blow up mines. the germans mainly used the M30 mounted machine gun.

Now that I have informed you just a little bit about how the planning of D-Day and the weapons of the invasion maybe you could teach others. Many people died that day and i would like to ask god to bless those men who didn't make it home.











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