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Social Studies
World War II

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A DelayWhen the Allies attack the Germans the weather has to be just right. Low waves, clear sky with no clouds, no wind, tides have to be low. The first few days of June were perfect for the attack. June 5th when the Allies first planned to attack weather started getting worse. The Allies were forced to delay the attack for one day. on June 6th they attacked.

The Attack The Allies went across the English Channel to the Beaches of Normandy. The US attacked the beaches that were code named Utah and Omaha. Canada attacked Juno, and the British took Gold and Sword. Utah wasn't well defended so the US easily captured it. Omaha was very well protected. There was a traffic jam with the dead bodies. The Canadian troops were delayed with there landing and as a resualt there were many casualties.Juno was like Utah and was taken but many British soldiers died getting Gold because it was like Omaha, very well protected.


The DeceptionIf the Germans figured out where the Allies will attack they will center there defences there. It would be almost impossible to defeat. So the Allies had to kept it a secret. The Allies planned to attack Normandy so the Allies set up a ghost camp that was far away from Normandy. At the camp they made rubber tanks and trucks to fool the Germans. The Germans sent spies but they were caught and turned against the Germans. They told false information to trick them to putting there defences somwhere else.

The Air Force The Allies also had planes bomb the beaches before the Ally Soldiers could go on the beaches. The planes dropped paratroopers but it was windy and they were blown off course. many landed in flooded field or other places they weren't suppose to land and they got killed.

The Navy The Allies also had battleships that after the soldiers got on shore they shot cannons at the Germans before the soldiers got there.

D-day soldier


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