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Social Studies
World War II

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D-Day was also known as Operation Overlord, and US General Dwight Eisenhower's purpose was to gain a foothold in France, push the Germans out of Western Europe, and help the Soviet Union. Shortly after midnight, Allied Airborne troops dropped behind the Atlantic Wall. Early that morning, naval guns started bombarded the Atlantic Wall. Some of the bombing was ineffective, such as that at Omaha beach. Troops started landing at 6:30 AM to fight at Utah and Omaha. Around 4:00 PM, German troops launched a counterattack, but they were eventually stopped. By nightfall, US, British, Canadian, and Free French troops were establishing a foothold in France. Allied troops had to continue fighting in the hedgerows in France, but the end of WWII was in sight because of the attack at Normandy.

The time before

São Vicente, in the coast of São Paulo, was the first city founded in Brazil, on January 1532; the main reason for Martin Afonso de Sousa to found the village was to guarantee the possession of the area, constantly visited by foreigners.

By 1941, Western Europe was controlled by Axis Germany. At the Trident conference in May 1943, it was decided by US President Franklin Roosevelt, England's Prime Minister Churchill that the Allies were going to launch an amphibious attack to gain a foothold for troops and machinery, to regain Western Europe, and to open another fighting front to help the Soviet Union. Not knowing where or when the attack would happen, Hitler and General Erwin Rommel set up a strong defensive force called the Atlantic Wall. The Allies amassed over 2 million troops and 500,000 vehicles, along with inflatable equipment across the English Channel at Calais and attacked at Normandy with a fleet of over 6,000 ships and over 150,000 men.


The purpose of D-Day was to gain a foothold for troops and to aid the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front by opening a second front


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D-Day:Operation Overlord



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