D Day invasion

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World War II

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D Day invasion


On June 6 1944 about 160,000 Allied troops landed on Normandy, France to deat Adolt Hilter.

D Day Video

Newspaper articles from the U.S. Annoucing the Victory in D Day and WW2


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D Day was the second number of American deaths after the civil war. More than 4,000 Aliied troops were killed. Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Poland we also involed in the D Day invasion.

U.S troops on the way to Normandy,France. Some of theses men wont even make it to the costline.

More than 5,000 shipsand 13,000 aircarts were used to help win the D-Day Invasion.


The weapon that would kill most of the Allied troops getting off the ships and ruuning to the shore.


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