czechoslovakia revolt

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czechoslovakia revolt

Czechoslovakia Revolt

The Czechoslovakia Revolt started when Czechoslovakia decided to focus on heavy industry instead of agriculture. However, this turned out to be a large failure for them because of their planning and they did not produce any high quality goods. They were in a bad economic problem and their President, Antonín Novotný, was beginning to lose popularity. Nobody would support him so on March 22, 1968, he stepped down from office.

Alexander Dubcek then became the leader of the Communist party. He started reforms to free the people from censorship, trying to create a more socialist democracy. In April, he started to free them from Soviet Rule in the country by liberalizing things that help made more free speech and a more democratic government.

However, in August 1968, the Soviet Union led an invasion with the Warsaw Pact and imprisoned all the artists and free people. People began to riot but it was smothered by the return of the communist system. Worried that the idea of being free would cause them to riot again, the Warsaw Pact countries gathered again with Alexander Dubcek, who agreed to join the pact if the Soviets took their troops out of Czechoslovakia. On August 20th, tanks and troops stormed the country, trying to find antisocialist things (mostly people) and beat them. 72 people in all were killed with hundreds hurt, while Dubcek was taken but was allowed to go back into office.

This was a breech on what the Soviets promised, although they claimed to have been invited in to get rid of antisocialist items in Czechoslovakia. Even today, the Czechs strongly dislike any of the countries in the Warsaw Pact for supplying troops, even though they didn’t have a choice. All of Dubcek’s work was reversed too when Gustav Husak stepped up after him. He ruled until the Velvet Revolution against him.



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