Czech Republic

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe bordered by Germany to the West, Austria to the South, Slovakia to the Southeast and Poland to the Northeast.The capital and largest city, Prague, has over 1.2 million residents.The official language is czech, formerly know as Bohemian.

HISTORYThe Czech state was formed in the late 9th century as the Duchy of Bohemia under the Great Moravian Empire. After the fall of the empire in 907, the center of power transferred from Moravia to Bohemia under the Premyslids. In the Hussite wars of the 15th century driven by the Bohemian Reformation, the kingdom faced economic embargoes and defeated 5 crusades proclaimed by Roman Catholic Church.

Czech Republic

UNITARY STATEThe Czech state is a unitary state because it's governed as one single unit. The central government has the principal power. ECONOMYThe Czech Republic has one of the most developed industrialized economic system of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe

GOVERNMENTThe Czech Republic is a democratic state, with the Prime Minister as the head of government. The Parliament is bicameral, with the Chamber of Deputies (200 members) and the Senate (81 members).The president has limited and specific powers, most importantly to return bills to the parliament, appoint members to the board of the Czech National Bank, nominate constitutional court judges for the Senate's approval and dissolve the Chamber of Deputies

INTERESTING FACTSThere are over 2000 castles, keeps, and castle ruins in the czech Republic, one of the highest density in the worldThe Czech Republic is almost entirely surrounded by mountains. Mountains mark a natural border with Germany and Poland

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