Czech Christmas mass

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Czech Christmas mass


Czech Christmas Mass

What is it?Well, it's not easy to say, because I don't know how to describe it even in Czech.It's a classic Latin pastoral mass, which means that it's a song about Bible and it replaces normal spoken mass.

This is the beginning of the Mass.The pictures are by famous cartoonist Josef Lada.Link

You won't see pictures of the instrumentsbecause Skynet rules the world and wantsto kill me by Glogster which doesn't work right now.So there's a video, I hope you'll enjoy it.

It was written by Jan Jakub Ryba in 1796.It's composed for an orchestra which includes vocals, violins, trumpets, organ, flutes and other instruments. And how does it sound? Well, have you ever heard Highway to Hell by ACDC? That is not the sound of it. I've got some theories why it doesn't sound similar:It's from the 18th century so no electric guitars and even no Brian Johnson.It's about Jesus and Christmas so there is no hell. (Surprised?)It's twelve times longer than Highway to Hell.Or maybe he didn't want to sound it like Highway to Hell....

Dutch racer and businessman invented a speed camera to improve his cornering skills. These cameras are now around many motorways around the whole world, that's an irony

It was originally written in A-dur but now it's played in G-dur

(Un)Cool facts

J. J. Ryba wrote more than 1300 compositions, that's a lot because he died at the age of 49.


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