Cystic Fibrosis

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Cystic Fibrosis

-Chest physical therapy-Inhaled antibiotics-Brochodilators-Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy-Gene therapy

Mucus in lungs:


Autosomal Recessive Inheritance:

Cystic Fibrosis

As a genetic disease, CF begins at conception, though symptoms may not appear at first. Diagnosis is sometimes delayed for decades because of mildness of the symptoms or failure to recognize them.

This condition is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, which means both copies of the gene in each cell have mutations. The parents of an individual with an autosomal recessive condition each carry one copy of the mutated gene, but they typically do not show signs and symptoms of the condition.

Approximately 30,000 Americans have CF, and there are an estimated 1,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

It is most common in Caucasian individuals, with most estimates of around 1 in 25 Caucasians Americans being carriers.

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease characterized by the buildup of thick, sticky mucus that can damage many of the body's organs.

-Cystic fibrosis of the pancreas-Fibrocystic disease of the pancreas-Mucoviscidosis-Mucoviscidosis of the pancreas-Pancreas fibrocystic disease-Pancreatic cystic fibrosis

Unlike some other genetic conditions, cystic fibrosis occurs equally as often in men and women. The genetic mutation for cystic fibrosis occurs on chromosome 7 and is not impacted by gender.

Other names for Cystic Fibrosis:

What is it?


The sweat test remains the standard diagnostic test for cystic fibrosis. It measures the amount of salt in a child’s sweat, with a high salt level indicating that a person has cystic fibrosis. Genetic testing is available for cystic fibrosis, but it does not detect all of the mutations that can cause the disease.

Coughing or wheezing, respiratory illnesses(pneumonia or bronchitis), weight loss, salty-tasting skin, and greasy stools.

Because the lungs are clogged and repeatedly infected, lung cells dont last as long as they should. Therefore, most cystic fibrosis patients only live to be slightly more than thirty years old.



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