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Weather and Climate

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CyclonesWhat happens when a cyclone is formed?-By: Tessa Willsmore-

When an intense low pressure system forms in the tropics a tropical cyclone is formed. It produces gale force winds. Cyclones can cause significant impacts on the enviroment and communities. The heavy rainfall can cause severe flooding but not always. A storm surge is not a common feature but it can be the most dangerous thing that happens in a cyclone.A cyclone is a closed area with a circular fluid motion rotating that is spinning because of the rotation of the Earth that pushes it round. That is what a cyclone is in Meteorology. The inward spiralling winds are different in the northern and southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere it is anti clockwise and the southern hemisphere is clockwise.

What is a cyclone?

How does a cyclone form?

A cyclone forms where there is a warm body of water which forms a storm that gathers energy. The warm water evaporates then condenses to make clouds, releasing heat throughout the process.The heat energy is combined with the rotation of the earth and that gets the cyclone spinning and moving it forward. The low pressure centre known as the eye is really calm. This is where danger is with the dense cloud surrounding it. Surrrounding the eye is the deadliest part of the cyclone.This is where the strong winds and greatest rainfall is found. The eye is usually about 40 kilometres in diametre but can be in from the size less than 10 kilometres to over 100 kilometres. The size all depends on the cyclone itself.

The main Effects of a tropical cyclone include heavy rain, strong winds and storm surges that cause coastal flooding. The damage of a tropical cyclone depends on its intensity, its size and its location. Inland heavy rainfall can cause mudslides and landslides in mountainous areas. The effects can be sensed over time by studying the concentration of the Oxygen 18 isotope within caves. Standing water can spread diseases, Flooding interrupts transportation and infasttructure can be destroyed. Nearly two million people have died because of tropical cyclones.

Cyclone from space.

Housing wrecks from a cyclone.

1. Cyclone Katrina (2005) - One of the deadliest cyclones ever. - 1,833 people died. - Millions of people were left homeless. - $ 108 billion in damage.2. Cyclone Tip (1979) - It was near Micronesia. - There was 600 mudslides.3. Cyclone Wilma (2005) - Most expensive and damaging in America. - Killed 62 people. - $ 29 billion in damage.4. Super Cyclone Ida - Destroyed 2 villages. - 1,900 mudslides. - 888 people died.

Catastrophic Cyclones

A large, atmospheric wind and pressure system characterized by low pressure at its centre and by circular wind motion, Counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere, clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

Definition of Cyclone

A Cyclone from space.

Cyclone Katrina.

What are the effects?

My I Wonder question is what happens when a cyclone is formed? I am going to talk about what a cyclone is, what the effects are and how it forms. There was also some deadly cyclones that have happened and I will tell about some of them.

In conclusion, a cyclone is a spinning vortex made of dense cloud and it has a huge amount of wind and rain. Cyclones can cause huge amounts of destruction such as people dying and wreckage of buildings.


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