Cyclone Yasi

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Cyclone Yasi

Cyclone Yasi

When did it happen?Cyclone Yasi happened on the 3rd of February 2011

What Happened?A Cyclone crossed the sea a 12am and started picking up wind speed when it got close to North Queensland then it struck and people weren’t aware, people died and some left homeless. Houses were gone and towns and cities were wrecked and left in ruins, the damage bill was expected to be 3.5 billion dollars. Describe the damage caused.The damage was so bad that people had to repair the towns that were badly damaged. It was a horrifying disaster that was life threatening.

What level was the cyclone? What was the wind speed?What could have caused the cyclone?The level or the category of the Cyclone was a Level 5 cyclone. The wind speed was 2015 kilometres per hour..

How can people prepare for a cyclone?You can prepare by making an evacuation plan, getting to the nearest evacuation centre, listen out for cyclone warnings and get all your family members safe.

Who was affected?Cairns, Townsville, Bowen, Mission Beach, Tully, Cardwell, Silkwood and Innisfail

Where did it happen?It happened in Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea and North Queensland.

What could have caused the cyclone?The sea temperature was above 26°C and there was light wind shear.

Inquiry QuestionsWhere was its crossing location- It crossed the coast at mission beach.How much was the lowest central pressure point- it was 924 HPAHow long did it last- It lasted 8 days, January 25th to February 3rd How high was the wind that Yasi created- 189 mphHow high did it make the waves- More than 9 metres high


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