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A sport with many diffrent disciplines. In each a person races a bicycle against other people or a time. People may race in teams or as individuals over all diffrent types of terrain. Cycling has been around for over a hundred years. All kinds of people take up cycling.

Disciplines: diffrent types of cycling races -cyclocross: over all terrains riders must occasionally dismount and carry their bikes -road racing: generally longer distances on roads teams participate -time trial: riders race one at a time against the clock and other riders -criterium: a smaller course of a mile or less where riders ride for a set period of time -track: riders race diffrent distances around a curved track

Equiptment: all the stuff different cyclist use -aero helmet: the long aerodynamis time trail helmets -clipless: specially cleated shoes that attach to pedals -trainers: a stationary way to warm up for a race -drop: the lowered part of the handle bars used for sprinting -free wheeler: a spare wheel kept in the pit in case of a flat -skin suit: a one peice aerodynamic suit to reduce air resistance.

Racing: diffrent techniques an terms -pit: off to the side of the course, where a mechanic or family might help out -feild: all of the riders behind the front -peleton: the main group of riders -locking: when one team goes to the front and slows tempo -break-away: when a few riders sprint from the peleton -lead: The front group or pack of riders -drafting: riders line up to reduce wind resistance

A cyclist involved in road racing may do other disciplines like cyclocross and mountain biking in the off season in order to stay in shape. During huge road races like the Tour de France riders must ride with the peleton and their team as well as race in individual time trials. To warm up for these trials riders wearing their aero helmets will hop on their trainers and get ready. As soon as they are ready off they go!


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