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Cyberwise Privacy


Knowing what is safe to share - and what is not - is one of the great challenges of the digital age. While sharing some personal information is a necessary part of online life, sharing too much information can damage your reputation or impact your online security.Understanding the long-term consequences of sharing too much information online is tough, even for those of us who have been using digital tools for a long time, so imagine the difficulty of teaching online privacy to young people who are just starting to use social networks.That's why Cyberwise is helping students and grown-ups to understand the importance of online privacy and why it's so important to protect their "digital footprints".

1) Read the Privacy Policies of all the sites you visit2) Review hard-to-read and confusing Privacy Policies with EULAyzer.   3) Set the privacy settings on all of your social networking sites.4) Turn on the "Do Not Track Tool" on your browsers.5) Never share passwords (except with your parents).6) Make strong passwords. For example, upper and lowercase, symbols and numbers. 7) Don't chat with or send photos to strangers.8) Keep personal information personal. 9) Know how to recognize ads, and don't click on them.

Check out Cyberwise's Privacy Learning Hub, where you can watch a lesson on online privacy and find great advice, articles and more.

Top Tips for Protecting your Privacy:

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