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Computer Science

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<3 Sexting <3The reciver can send it to ANYONE! Ask them questions first to see if they are truely interested in you.

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It's not just virus's

Try Googleing your name...

Do you have a nickname for yourself and others so that you know who your talking to? Don't let someone take your Identity! It's easier than you think!

What comes up? Are you surprised? Do you agree/like the information?Messages, pictures, blogs, msn and facebook activity that you have sent in the last 2 -7 years are still online and are avaible for anyone like future employers to look at! EVEN IF YOU DELETE IT!!!

Think twice before you type!~~~Think twice before you type!

DO YOU?~Send abusive texts and emails~Hurtful messages, images or videos~Excluding others online ~Are involved in nasty online gossip and chat ????YES = YOU ARE A BULLY!!!STOP NOW!


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