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Cyberbullying in My ClassCyberbullying is a major problem in the digital world. As students get more and more invovled online with social media, it becomes more of an issue. Please pay close attention to cyberbullying as you students get more involved online.I am here to support students in a time of need of cyberbullying.I, as well as the administration, will get invovled when it starts interfering with the school environment.There is zero tolerance for cyberbullying in my classroom and it will go punished.

According to "only 1 in 10 victims will inform a parent or a trusted adult about their abuse"?

Stop Cyberbullying: Parents

Facebook Parent Tools

Cyberbullying Research Center

Common Sense Media

Did you know...

Cyberbullying 101

A Parent Presentation

Miss Quinn's Class

Here are some resources for you...

There are state laws for Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking

Also, reports that only "10% of parents are aware their teens are targets of cyberbullying"? Could you imagine for elementary students? So what can YOU do?

The video posted above is a CNN video touching on extra tips for parents on how to help prevent cyberbullying. Some include: setting up Google Alerts, getting invovled on Facebook, keeping evidence of bullying on phones or online, or get on sites called My Mobile Watchdog.


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