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Cyberbullying: Effects on Teens Across the NationThe video we will watch was created by PBS. It discusses how teens are affected by cyberbullying and what schools can do prevent it.


Who is affected by cyberbullying?

Who are Cyberbullies?

1) Take the Cyberbullying quiz using the Socrative app 2) Watch the PBS video: Cyberbullying: Effects on Teens Across the Nation3) Discuss the cyberbullying scenarios


Scenario #2:Anthony’s girlfriend Melanie breaks up with him and begins dating his friend, John. Anthony begins sending daily text messages to both John and Melanie, calling Melanie nasty names and John a “traitor.” He also updates his own Facebook status everyday to reflect these same comments.

Scenario #1:In response to a dare, Cynthia secretly uses her phone to record video of Angela changing in the girls’ locker room after gym class. She posts the video to YouTube, adds a nasty comment about Angela, and sends the link to all of her friends, encouraging them to post similar anonymous comments.

Scenario #5:Christopher and Brian are a couple who decides to come out by attending the junior prom together. Over the weekend, a group of students create a “hate page” on Facebook with pictures of the two boys dancing at prom and a series of anti-gay comments. By Monday morning, about 50 students have become “fans” of the page and have posted derogatory comments about the Christopher and Brian.

Scenario #6:Ashley and Zach have been friends for a long time, but when Ashley tries to pursue a romantic relationship with Zach, he turns her down. As revenge, Ashley creates an online persona named “Christy” who frequents the forums and chat rooms that Zach enjoys. “Christy” makes a connection with Zach by claiming to share his interest in fantasy and science fiction literature and when it’s clear that Zach develops a crush on “Christy,” she then proceeds to insult Zach and make fun of him, using the personal information that Ashley knows about him to taunt him and make him feel bad about himself.

Scenario #4:William goes to the principal to turn in another boy, Allan, who has been dealing drugs in the school’s parking lot. Allan finds out that William has turned him in and sends him an email from his computer at home that night, threatening to physically harm him if he doesn’t go back to the principal and tell him that it was just a joke.

Scenario #3:Brianna and her friend Jasmine are gossiping about another friend, Alicia, while instant messaging one night. Jasmine is angry with Alicia because of an argument they had earlier in the day, and airs her anger to Brianna, ranting about Alicia and calling her a variety of names. The next morning, Brianna has spread print-outs of the instant message conversation all over the school and everyone—including Alicia—is reading the comments that Jasmine made in her private online conversation with Brianna.



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