CyberBullying - Stop the Madness

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CyberBullying - Stop the Madness

Your Task:You have just been hired as the new Chief of Police in the town of Grooveland. One of the first assignments that has been placed on your desk by the Mayor is to educate the people about having Digital Etiquette while online. You also have to educate them on the problems of CyberBullying.

1)Research information about CyberBullying in a particular area.2) Write a Summary based on your research.3) Create a Digital Poster that educates the townspeople about Digital Etiquette and CyberBullying!

"You Can't Take it Back"

Your Assignment

Project Overview

What's Your Digital Etiquette Like?

CyberBullying: Stop the Madness!

Before you start your Research...Take a look at this!

Research information about Online Safety in America. Here are some questions that you need to consider:How many teens use the Internet on a daily basis? What problems can occur when Internet usage is unsupervised? Which states have CyberBullying Laws? You MUST include THREE more questions to research on your own! Use the Research Notes Template that is posted on Edline.Post your research notes on Edline by Thursday, December 5th.


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