Cyberbullying in High School

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Cyberbullying in High School

What IS Cyberbullying?Cyberbullying is when people, in this case your peers, use technology to attack and bully others. This is a real problem for you studnets, because technology is a huge part of your life. Many of you have social network accounts such as facebook. These social networking sites can be used to attack others anonymously. Another form of cyberbullying is when one of your peers sends around an innapropriate picture of someone else without their premission, especially if it is ment to hurt them

Dear Students, Cyberbullying is becoming a very real thing in your daily life. Technology surrounds you everyday and that also alows the possiblity for anyone to get bullied anywhere at anytime. It is very important for you as students to respect one another and accept eachother for who you are as people. Below you will be able to learn more about Cyberbullying, its effects and what you can do about it. There will also be links for anyone who needs help whether they are the ones being cyberbullied or if they are witnessing anyone being cyberbullied.Signed, Your Teacher


Why is it a Problem?Cyberbullying is a problem these days because of how much technology you studnets are involved with. If you are constantly surrounded by it there is the constant potential to get bullied using technology. For the studnets who are already being cyberbullied it is a problem because they can never get away from it. They can recieve a message whether they are in school or not and whether they are alone or not. This is so hard for many students because it is never ending. Also, studnets who are being bullied online are more than likely being bullied at school as well. Another reason it is such a problem is because the bullies can do it anonymously making them feel even more confortable to be as cruel as they want to be.

Remember: Bullying no matter what form is wrong, but cyberbullying is even worse because the victim can never get a break from it. If you find yourself bullying someone put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel!

If you ever see anyone being bullied, no matter the form, immediatly report it to an adult!

In High School

Talk to your friends! See if they would want to start a club against cyberbullying!

There is power in numbers! If everyone takes a stand against bullying the bullys will feel outnumbered and take it down a notch or even stop! - This website can help you if you are being cyberbullied. It has multiple help lines and ways to handle being - This website is an easy to read site in what exactly cyber bullying is and how you can help yourself and - This website helps you understand what cyberbullying is and also has quotes and comments from kids who have been - This website gives useful information on cyberbullying and how to prevent it from happening.

What is Happening?Cyberbullying is causing your fellow peers to choose to end their lives. Being bullied constantly is extremely stressful and eventually for some students if it is bad enough suicide can seem like the only way out. Some students may even feel that it is their fault they are being bullied. It is essential for you as students to know that bullying is never ok. Put yourself in their shoes.

What Can You Do?Obviously as a student you can just choose to take the high road and never cyberbully because it is worng. Another thing you can do is if you see someone getting cyberbullied or you yourself is getting cyberbullied you should report it immediatly. You can also make a club or a group that is against cyberbullying that can go around and inform your fellow studnets about the dangers of it. You can also get your parents and teachers involved in the subject and talk about it openly so that no one feels ashamed that they are being bullied.

Resources on Cyber Bullying



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