[2016] Caitlyn Rowane: Cyberbullying

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[2016] Caitlyn Rowane: Cyberbullying


TWO TYPES:1. direct attacts: messages that are sent to a particlular kid with the direct intention of hurting them2.cyberbullying by proxy: the bully has others help cyberbully the victim, so it comes from more than one person and source

it can also happen to adults and it is refered to as cyberstalking or cyber- harrassment

- bullying a person through technology by threatening or embaressing them- 1 in 4 teens have been cyberbullied-it can be done without the victim knowing who is bullying them

Glog by: Caitlyn Rowane

Effects of Cyberbullying:-depression-anxiety -stress-suicide

Signs of Cyberbullying:-not involved with friends or activites -keeps phone/ computer secretive-changes in behavior-acting out and differently


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