[2016] Valerie Guerin: Cyberbullying

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[2016] Valerie Guerin: Cyberbullying


You can prevent cyberbullying. Don't be a bystander, there are resources available. If you are a student, tell a trusted adult and block the cyberbully. Talk to someone like a school counselor or therapist. If you are an adult getting cyberbullied, you can talk to your employer if it's work related, or notify law enforcement. You don't have to go through with cyberbullying alone, talk to a trusted friend or a counselor.

Cyberbullying is a way of using technology to hurt another person. It can happen to all people, effecting students and teachers alike, even adults out in the work force. Cyberbullying is common on social media websites, but it does not stop there. People can be harrassed, threatened, impersonated, insulted, or even stalked through different platforms such as email, text, chats, games, videos, blogs, spam, and posts. Cyberbullying is harmful to people's emotional well being, and can hurt their mental health.

What is Cyberbullying?

"Stop, Block, and Tell"-stopcyberbullying.org


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