[2015] Rebecca Boyd: Cyberbullying

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[2015] Rebecca Boyd: Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying Statistics: Over half of teens onlines have been cyberbullied, and the same number has been engaged in cyberbullying. But around half of them have been victims. Boys are as likely as girls to bwe threatened by a cyberbully. Different tactics have been used when it comes to cyberbullying. Some impersonate their victim, use photos to cyberbully, create a specific website or page and "happy slapping" to embarrass someone.

BY: Rebecca Boyd

What Is Bullying?

Cyberbullying is when someone is harrassed online by another user. Most cyberbullies aren't brave enough to have face-to-face confontation, so they use online websites to hurt people. A lot of people have faced cyberbullying through social media and instant messaging. Most cyberbullying incidents relate back to many issues. For example, it relates back to behavioral issues, like anti-social behavior, school problems, substance use. Most people who are bullied at school are bullied online. Many people who bully at school, bully online.

Tips:- Report and block the user- If you can't block the user than ignore their comments- Tell a trusted adult about the situation- Don't respond to the comments, unless you are confronting the bully- Save the evidence in cases that intensifies more than other cases- Stand up for yourself and others

How to Handle Bullying...



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