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Cyberbullying is just what it sounds like - bullying through internet applications and technologies such as instant messaging, social networking sites, and cellphones. It can start easily, with a rumor, a photo, or a forwarded message, and just as easily spiral out of control. An embarrassing video posted to a social networking site by someone in Kansas tonight may be watched by someone in Japan tomorrow. Cyberbullying victims may be targeted anywhere, at any time.

About one-third of online teens, ages 12-17, have been cyberbullied. Girls are more likely to be targeted.


What you need to know and how you can make a difference.

KNOW ABOUT REVEALING TOO MUCH•Once you put something on the Internet, it’s out of your control.•Talk with a trusted adult about what information is OK to send online or through text messages.•Be careful about what you share—it could end up anywhere!•If you get a text, IM, or e-mail that was meant to be private, think before you forward it. Would you want someone to share your secrets?•Mad at a friend or want to get back at an enemy? Don’t do it online. Kids have been suspended and even arrested sending or posting rude and threatening messages.•Remember, it doesn’t take very long for a text message or online content to travel. Something that you regret saying now could be all over your school in a matter of minutes.•Talk to a trusted adult about any information you receive or see online that makes you scared or uncomfortable.

Remember, you can make a difference, by Lisa Leger 2012

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