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Cyber Safety

What Should I Do If I'm Being Cyber Bullied?If you think you are being cyber bullied, you should first tell the bully to stop. Engaging or arguing with cyberbullies might encourage even worse behavior. If you refuse to respond, there is a good chance they will move on and stop bothering you" (Microsoft). If they continue to harrass you, keep a record of the harsh comments they make and report it to the appropriate authorities. You can then remove yourself from the situation entirely.

Cyber EthicsCyber ethics is the responsibility that an individual takes in order to see to it that they are adhering to plausible behavior online. "...cyber ethics also includes obeying laws that apply to online behavior" (Microsoft). To ensure that cyber ethics is being practiced, it is good to be knowledgeable in regards to the do's and don'ts of the internet. Always be kind to those that you communicate with online. Never make fun of, or harrass anyone in cyberspace. This is what is known as cyber bullying, and no one should take part in it. Refrain from snatching information from online and claiming it as your own. This is an illegal act known as copyright infringement. Always paraphrase and or use citations for your work. The publisher puts forth much effort in their material and taking it is considered stealing. Another act of copyright infringement is known as pirating. This is the act of downloading music, videos, software, or programs without paying a fee, another form of stealing. Sharing this material is also a crime unless otherwise stated by the developer.

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Cyber SafetyIn order for individuals to protect themselves online, they must never give out personal information to strangers such as passwords, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, and their location. By doing so, you can become a victim of identity theft. To guarantee your security, be on the look out for "...a green address bar or a security certificate-represented by an icon such as an unopened lock-somewhere in the browser window" (Microsoft). These sites can be trusted by the user. "Have the computer centrally located" (Scholastic). By doing so, you can easily monitor your child's online activities considering that the computer is within view. When your child is aware that you are able to see what they are up to, the less likely they are to do anything fishy. Never click on unknown recieved emails, it could be a virus. Also be sure to purchase antivirus and spamware protection, as well as an adblocker. These tools work as a shield to prevent viruses and other threats.

What is Cyber Safety and Cyber Ethics?

An individual should never assume that just because they are online, it means that they are out of harm's way. They should also never feel that the internet is an environment where rules and regulations do not apply. What are some ways for you to help your students maintain their cyber safety, as well as ways to ensure that they are adhering to the morals and principles of cyberspace? What are some creative ways that you, as a future educator, can inform parents about cyber safety and cyber ethics in an effort to promote these aspects in the home?:)

Questions for Reflection

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