Cyber Safety.

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Internet Safety

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Cyber Safety.

Cyber safety is the responsible use of information and communicative technology. Practing cyber safety keeps students from harm's way of predators who can easily disguise themselves through a computer screen. Remaining safe online entails the respect of other users as well.

Cyber Safety

Glog by: Sade Diaz

Question: How can you, as a teacher, react to situations in which your student is not using the cyber world as a safe environment, even if it is not in the classroom? How can you help prevent the student from venturing off into unsafe cyber habits? In what ways, can you try and defer the students from "screen addiction" and teach them the importance of "real life" interactions?

"There’s no question that American youths are plugged in & tuned out of “live” action for many more hours of the day than experts consider healthy for normal development. And it starts early, often with preverbal toddlers handed their parents’ cellphones & tablets to entertain themselves when they should be observing the world around them & interacting with their caregivers." In any given situation, no matter the location, it is evident that smartphones are a grandose aspect of our society. No one can live without their phones. Our technology takes away from experience because everyone would rather post it on social media than enjoy whatever activity, or the people around them.

Keeping Kids Safe Online1. Limit Usage: Permit free internet use for a time period, but make it a rule that it can only be used for educational purposes afterwards.2. Keep Kids in Sight: This helps monitor chosen activities online and gives the child less opportunity to search inappropriate content. 3. Check browser regularly to be sure child is only using safe internet websites.

Screen Addiction

Typically, schools mandate Acceptable Use Policies and guidlines to filter what information is used, and or searched, on school computers. Teachers should be aware of and enforce AUPs in the classroom at all times to prevent any mishaps. The school district usually tries to enforce the AUP by contract in which both the student and the parents must sign in order to participate in computer-based activities.

Excessive screen-time is a problem.


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