cyber bullying

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cyber bullying

. . . Cyber Safety . . .

. . . Talking to people you don't know may result in un-friendly relationships or sexual requests. Don't do it unless you know what your getting into . . .

. . .The Dark Side Of Electronics . . .

The "safe" side of electronics consists of penguins and flying rabbits. . . But even there are we just not being careful enough?

Tips to keep safe online:`1. Ask your parents if it is okay to access a certain website`2. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo both require a certain age limit to acces. If you are under any of these age limits please don't resgister`3. Read over all safety guidelines before giving your personal information to untrustable sources.

Bullies portray themselves as a hazard to children among school's and communities... If they can be this mean in person,imagine being bullied online... Is this where you want to end up?

Video's Coutresy Of Youtube`!Image's Courtesy Of Google`!Information Courtesy Of A Penguin`! (:

"They Are Watching"

For More Info On How To Keep Safe Click Here

A "dossier" is a group of documents containg information about a particular person, event, or subject. So a digital dossier is all that information saved onto a computer. From the moment your are born and till the moment you pass away your digital dossier will keep up-dating information about you. Information. Information so personal, you might not want others to know. So make it your responsibility that they don't find out.

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