[2016] Brian Oddo: Cyber-Bullying Brian Oddo

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Social Studies

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[2016] Brian Oddo: Cyber-Bullying Brian Oddo

Cyber-Bullying Brian Oddo

What is Cyber-Bullying?Cyber-Bullying is bullying which is done electronically. This can happen on social media sites where people can spread rumours, post mean messages, share embarassing photos, or create fake profiles with the intenion of hurting another's feelings or bringing them down. Side effects of bullying could include:DepressionLowered Self EsteemDrug/Alcohol UseDitching SchoolLoneliness

Cyber-Bullying is unique from regular bullying because it could happen anywhere at anytime. It is hard to target the source sometimes and can spread rapidly. It is really hard to delete the messages after they have been posted too.

Ways to Help-Be available to talk and support those who are being bullied-Help educate others on the dangers of bullying-Stop it before it starts. Build safe environments in schools-Create a community of parents and kids to help build understanding and togetherness-Create policies and rules-Identify warning signs and symptoms of those who may be going through bullying

What Makes it Different

How Can You Help?


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