Customer Service Strategy

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Customer Service Strategy

In an industry where service is king, the value of delivering a great guest experience—or, on the flip side, the pitfalls of failing to provide that kind of memorably positive experience—is familiar territory to hoteliers. But in the context of today’s challenging economic landscape, this is an issue that is more relevant than ever and demands new scrutiny.At a time when resources are scarce and consumers are responding to financial belt-tightening by becoming both more selective and more demanding in their hotel choices, improving your customer service scores is not a luxury; it is a necessity. In fact, for many hotels who might not be able to make the kinds of capital investments they are accustomed to, customer service might be one of the only ways to add real value and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Service always has been a difference-maker. However, in this economic climate, it is the difference-maker. Faced with this challenging economic landscape and a host of new technologies and Customer Feedback from laurass53 ">new social and professional realities that can heighten both the positive and negative impact of even a single guest experience (both positive and negative), the service stakes have been raised. In this newly competitive and connected new world, what do operators need to know—and more importantly—need to do to adjust to these new realities and consistently deliver outstanding customer service?

A look at a Customer Service Strategy

7 Steps

1. Establish a service culture2. Focus on quality—not quantity3. Listen to your employees4. Empower your team5. Online and on time6. Respond to new challenges7. Go above and beyond

Based on: 7 Ways to Improve Service

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