Curse Of The Dream Witch

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Curse Of The Dream Witch

Setting My novel is a fantasy novel.It takes place mostly in a very dark mysterious forest (where the Dream Witch lived)or the large, royal,grand palace (where the Princess lived)pg.2

Major Chracters-Princess Olivia:She is a very adventurous person.We see this when she goes on the trip to save Prince Leo from the Dream Witch's under ground lair (pg.101 ) -Milo:He is a very independent,stubborn person (pg.13). He will not stop complaining if he wants to do something " to walk in the woods "pg13-15. He also does most things on his own like "picking corn and chopping fire wood"pg.16.

Minor Chracters-Dream Witch: She is a very cruel, evil,and rowdy person (pg.4). She also trys to curse many spells on Princess Olivia but they never work (pg.11)-Ephemia:She is a very intelligent mouse with magical, wizard like powers, which protect Princess Olivia (pg.158)

ProblemMy novel is a human vs. human based story. The main problem is that the Dream Witch was trying to steal Princess Olivia's , ever since she was born (pg.9).The Dream Witch also stole Ephemia's ( the mouse ) spell book (pg.11).Last but not least the terrible Dream Witch trapped Prince Leo in her secret underground lair where know one is ever found!



Personal ConnectionSelf toText:I can relate to Ephemia, when my little sister takes my things,but I always get them back like when Ephemia got her spell book back from the Dream Witch.

RecommendationAfter reading this novel, I would definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy adventurous books.l would rate this book a 5 star rating (out of 5).

Main EventsThe Dream Witch is trying to steal Princess Olivia's heart (pg.9),she also trapped Prince Leo (pg.240-241). The Dream Witch stole Ephemia's spell book (pg.11).

Message:The main message in my story is that when you work togather anything is possible.


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