curriculum homework 2

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curriculum homework 2

View ALL of these videos...Take time to really think about each one.Then answer the following questions.

Task: You must answer all of the questions on this Glog in 2 pages or less - double space 12 font. Use Daniel Pink's advice about how to write a good do not need to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT because you will not have space with only two pages and I want to read the same information over and over. :) Proof read carefully and expresss yourself thoughtfully!

This is a complex assignment. Read all of the directions. You will be turning in TWO papers that are TWO pages EACH.You are expected to synthesize the information. There is NO RIGHT or WRONG answer. Think for yourself and express yourself well.

You just answered questions 1-4. Now, get out another sheet of paper and answer these questions - same rules:1. Are YOU intrinsically motivated? How do you know?2. Do you work for yourself or for a grade?3. Do you have what it takes to be a teacher in the 21st Century? Why or why not?

1. What do YOU think teachers should teach today?2. Why?3. HOW do you think teachers should teach?4.. WHY should teachers teach this way?

Prepare yourself:I am going to ask the following question in class -WHAT IS CURRICULUM? You are going to have to explain your answer.You MUST have an answer. It MUST be your own personal answer.



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