Curriculum and ELLs

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Curriculum and ELLs

Works CitedEchevarria, J., Vogt, M., & Short, D. (2014). Making Content Comprehensible for Secondary English Learners: The SIOP Model (Second ed., p. 30, 124, 196). Pearson.Google ImageYouTube

How does the pace of the class help or hurt second language learners?The job is paced by curriculum."Teachers cannot move so quickly through the curriculum that they leave their English learners behind." (p. 196)

How do the curriculum standards and ELL standards help or hurt second language Learners?Textual analysis found in Common Core can hurt ELLs due to lack of language aqcuisition"Know your students' proficiency levels so the language objectives can be targeted to what they need to learn about the academic language." (p. 30)


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What causes a second langauge learner to reach their fullest potential?Alternative access to content like computers, etc.Procedural and Instructional scaffolding (p. 124)


Curriculum and ELLs



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