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Earthquake hits Myanmar near China and Thailand borders

Article by Moni Basu and Josh Levs Glog by Ms. Lawhorn

Who: The citizens of Myanmar and ThailandWhat: An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 (similiar to that which struck Haiti last year) hit Myanmar along the borders of Thailand and China.When: March 24th 2011Where: The country of Myanmar. Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and is also referred to as Burma.WHY did this happen?: The earthquake was so severe because it was located only nine miles beneath the surface. The place where the earthquake struck was also in highly populated areas, causing major distruction.WHY is this important?: This current event is important because it is adding to the list of several severe natural disasters that have happened in our world recently. Although the strength of this earthquake was not as great as the one in Japan, millions of civilians are being affected and towns and cities have been demolished. This is also the second natural disaster to strike Myanmar since the 2008 cyclone which left 100,000 people dead and 70,000 people homeless. poster yourself


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