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Current Issues- Social


Acceptable Use Policy

Getting Started of AUP

When it comes to cyberbullying, teachers need to take it seriously. The need to recognize the signs and then ask the student to report the issue. Teachers need to pay close attention right after it happens and after reporting the incident. In addition, finding the right way to respond to the situation and also getting the parents involved.

What Can Teachers Do?

Cyberbullying Research Center

School systems have the a policy where the school distract can supervise and monitor the use of students and teacher on the schools' computers. They are given an username and password.

The students and teachers in the beginning of the school year sign off to this policy. This policy has four main parts. The terms are, users must respect and protect the privacy of others, users must respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources, users must respect and protect the intellectual property of others, and users must respect and practice the principles of community.

Failure to follow this policy will lead to disciplinary action, which that person could lose the right of the username and password, or depends on how bad the action was, it could lead to suspension or expulsion. Nothing is private on these computers.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)-The National Education Association suggests that an effective AUP contain the following six key elements.

The six elements are a preamble,a definition section,a policy statement,an acceptable uses section, an unacceptable uses section, and a violations sanctions section. AUP has a document that students and parents sign to show that they understand that the student is being restricted on the school's internet.

This is in place for the safety of the students.

This video is called "What are the Real Effects of Cyberbullying?".

It is an overview of research that shows long term effects that is caused by cyberbullying.

In the video it states that 1 in 4 teens are cyberbullied. 4% of the teens were bullied for about three to six months and 3% were bullied for over a year.

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere since people have Interent where ever they go. The long effects from cyberbullying are anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression.


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