Current Events- Using rubrics

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Current Events- Using rubrics

Current Events- Using Rubrics

Every two weeks the students are to complete current events on Canvas. They are to follow a specific criteria, which includes:Read/ watch the news article posted1 paragraph Summarizing the news article1 paragraph giving their opinion of the article

I use a set rubric to see if they followed the criteria given

Week 2 Current events Stats:*65 students recieved full points*48 students got marked down for their first paragraph*74 students got marked down for their second paragraph*12 students got marked down for their grammar, punctuation, and spelling

What needed to get done...** I re-taught the students what a proper paragraph looked like and what was expected within the 5-7 sentences.i.e. complete thoughts on a sentenceDon't just place a period because you think it looks good.

I focused my mini lesson heavily on grammar, punctuation and spelling. I talked about not starting a sentence with BUT or AND. I also taught them how to type their work in to a Word Document and then paste it in to the Canvas assignment- that way simple mistakes could be caught.

I really like the Canvas tool. I think it is great that I can grade 147 students work with speedgrader, read their event paragraphs, and follow the rubric directly- instead of just guessing that I am following it.

What I don't like about the Canvas rubric system is that if students have submitted assignments and I decide to change something small about the rubric, it has a weird glitch and prevents me from using speedgrader how it is meant to be used.

Because of the high number of students that got docked on the second paragraph, I wanted to really teach them what an opinion was versus just typing things like "I like this" or "they should sue". I really expressed the importance of detail in their posts- no matter the paragraph.



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