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In England 1652, Isaac Newton was born. After his father died 2 months after his birth his mother remarried.When Newton was growing up one of the most famous scientists, Galileo, died. Galileo and many other scientist's discoveries were fascinating toNewton.When Newton was growing up he had to choose whether to stay and work at the family farm or go to Cambridge University to study.In his mind, the universe was just a simple machine. Isaac Newton was a scientist who took other scientist's ideas and his own and combined them into a picture of how the universe works. In my opinion, I think without Newtons Laws we wouldnt understand how gravity works or how the planets orbit the sun in an oval shape, not a circle.

1)An object that is not pushed, pulled by a force it will stay still.2)Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass.3)If an object is push or pulled it will push or pull in the opposite direction.

Current Event

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Isaac Newton

Newtons Three Laws of Motion

Why is this Science related?This topic is science related because Isaac Newton was a scientist who created the three laws.



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