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Current Event for Mountain States Region Unit

National Parks in the Mountain States

What is something that can be found in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado (the Mountain States Region)? All of these states have National Parks. Some of these parks have an entrance fee to get in. Those entrance fees may be increasing by 2016. The reason for the increase is to help raise money to maintain and fix roads, trails, campgrounds, and buildings within the parks. According to the National Park Service, the entrance fee increase will only cover a fraction of the amount needed, which is around $11.5 billion. The price increase will depend on the season, and whether it will be an annual daily pass, or a weekly pass. The images are of Yellowstone National Park (top left and right), Mesa Verde National Park (middle left), Rocky Mountain National Park (middle right), and Nez Perce National Park (bottom). The video on the left is of Glacier National Park, and the video on the right is of Utah's Mighty Five national parks.



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