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The sport of curling dates back to 1541, in Scotland. The first Olympic Winter Games held at Chamonix, France in 1924, included curling as a game. However, it became an official sport in the Winter Olympic Games at the 1998 Nagano Games. Both men's and women's curling tournaments are Olympic events. At the Games, curling tournaments each begin with 10 teams. 4 people make up each team; two teams compete against each other.

The game is played with 16 large granite stones- 8 for each team. Each stone weighs 42 pounds. The object for each team is to put a spin or “curl”, on their stones to move it as close as the center of a target , called “house”, as possible. Players take turns to push the stones across the ice with a curling broom. Team members sweep the ice in front of each stone to control its direction.

A curling game consists of 10 “ends”. Only one team can win a score at the conclusion of each end. A end finishes when the 16 stones are delivered. The team with the stone closest to the house scores a point. The team with more points after ten ends wins the game.

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