[2015] Maddy Zmuda: Cupcake - Rachel Cohn

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[2015] Maddy Zmuda: Cupcake - Rachel Cohn

Author: Rachel Cohn

6 word story...Love Will Always Find A Way

SettingCyd Charisse (CC) left her home - San Fransisco - family, and true love behind for a new adventure in New York City, living in an apartment (with her older brother), This happens after highschool. Most of the story takes place at key locations of CC's new life (Shop or apartment).

CharactersCyd Charisse (CC): This girl is the main character in Rachel Cohn's trilogy; thought of as a 'bad girl', or once was. She was also once an immature 'brat' (for lack of a better word). However, thorughout each book, she discovered herself and set better morals. She grew and became a more likable ad caring character. On two occasions she states, "NOT PART OF THE PLAN!!!" (6). and "YES THAT IS DEFINITELY WHERE IT HURTS" (7).; given the contet these quotes are in, seeing that CC yelled the words and was enthusiastic about what she said gives ou the feeling that she is over-dramatic. She tends to blow things out of proportion. Danny: CC's half brother who lives with her in her apartment, understanding and helpful. One thing he says is "Be happy, dollface" (13)., this gives a sense of sincerity about him, and that he may posess and 'old soul'. Shrimp: CC's one true love and surfer. Back in highschool, the boy she had an on and off relationship with, She recently told him to go chase his dreams by surfing. To her surprise, he comes to New York and confesses his love for her.


Title: Cupcake


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The author states, "True love, im starting to suspect the concept is pure." (9). I believe the biggest theme in this book is love. Love brings CC and Shrimp back together, after being a world apart (literally). And it makes them connect and grow stronger than ever before.

The actual Cyd Charisse (March 8, 1922 – June 17, 2008) was a famous actress and dancer. As a child, she overcame polio (a disease caused by poliovirus) amd became interested in the study of ballet. Her first dancing role was in a film made by David Lichine, "Something to Shout About". Soon after, her name grew, and she became the resident MGM ballet dancer. After many years of venturing from one film to another, Cyd retiredher dancing career and coniued to act. Here is a video showcasing her talents:

I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating; It gives off many emotions that can pull and tug at getting your interest. The author mdae good choices with her style of writing. I found it very easy to read and comprehend. The plot of the book is not very unique. Basically, girl tells boy to chase dream, girl chases dream, boy misses girl, boy confesses love for girl, and so on. I do not find the story completley original. The characters in this book are very full of personality. Rachel Cohn uses diction and subject emphasis to diffrentiate the different ways each character thinks and talks. I did find the book a little slow, however, I think that made it more fun and caught the readers more. I did like the book very much and would suggest for you to read it.


Maddy Zmuda, Period 1, Honors English


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