Cultures of Tattoos

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Cultures of Tattoos

just America, imagine the WHOLE World! All tattoos are unique in every way; every culture

Cultures Of Tattoo Art

The cultures of art expressed on all types of skin with INK!

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New Zealand is in Polynesia, they have a similar way of tattoo art called Moko. Moko is a type of tattoo where it shows how unique you are; in your soul, the way you act. It's usually drawn as tribal.

That tattoo artist must have been in an awkward situation. That, is a Full body tattoo. Those are popular in Japan. The art is extremely beautiful and precise and always has color.

For younger children, that'll become chiefs, getting their first tattoo is like going through puberty.

Believe it or not, tattoos were a mistake. They were first discovered in Pazyryk when an open wound was rubbed with ashe and dirt. When healed, a dark, large mark was left. This began over 5000 years ago.



Just look at these tattoos. The Beauty is unbelievible! The Eye of Ra on this picture is a common tattoo. It means "He is watching..." "He" as in The God of Ra. When female mummies were found, dots and lines were drawn on remains of the body. These kinds of tattoos were restricted only for women in ritual practice.

HELLO THERE!Americans spend approximately $1.65 billion on tattoos annually. Now that's a lot of money. That's


These here are polynesian tattoos. They're known to be the most lovely, intricate, skillful tattooing. Polynesian's believe that a person's mana: the spiritual force, is shown in their tattoo





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