Cultures of Europe

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Social Studies

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Cultures of Europe

Cultures of Europe

Germany is known for many things it plays a big part in european culture for its famous people and the famous 'Hamburger'

Look of Rome in Italy. Its famous history has an effect to european culture

Greece is a beutiful place to visit with its seas, beaches, ancient culture and intresting architecture. A great tribuite to european culture.

Poland is a beautiful place with its lakes trees and even mountains. This picture shows the great development of Poland and the recovery of the invasion

Spain is one of most famous countries in Europe. Having beautiful beaches and rich history, Spain is also next to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Paris, France is a major touristattraction having the 'Eiffel Tower,''Arc de Triumphe,' 'The Louvre' and diverse fashion. This is a new generation of European culture

Sweden is known for the creation of IKEA. AlsoSweden's cold weathermake great winter sports.Sweden language is specialand not similar to any other country.

Croatia is a great place to have a vacation. Having seas, beaches, friendly people, mountians and much more. Croatia adds more to the splender of European culture.

Portugal is a beautiful country having Spain by its side, makes good trade. Also the Portuguese discovered a good portion of the world.They used to explore many years ago but know are settling with tourist attraction

Finland is known for creating the Nokia, and also other high-tech gadgets. Its a beautiful place for snowand has almost over 1,000 lakes


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    Excellent job! I am very impressed. If you can, tell me what the pictures are of in your captions. What is it? Where is it? But great job on the "Why is it important". Keep up the good work.