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Like Afghanistan, men in Algeria should avoid prolonged eye contact with women. They shouldn’t ask personal questions. If invited to their homes, you should bring fruit, flowers or pastries. Don’t bring violets because they are symbolic of sadness. Roses and tulips are considered good gifts.

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If having dinner at a person's home in Russia, you should avoid resting your elbows on the table. Don't start eating until the hosts invites you to begin. It is considered polite to soak up gravy with bread. The most honored or oldest guest is served first.

If you are invited to dinner in Australia, you should bring a box of chocolates or flowers.

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To avoid insulting people from Afghanistan, eat with your right hand, dress conservatively and remove your shoes if visiting their home. Men and women should avoid prolonged eye contact. If a man speaks directly to a woman, he is dishonoring her. Men and women should never shake hands.

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If you are invited to a Brazilian home, you should bring a small gift or flowers to the hostess. If you bring orchids make sure they aren’t purple. They associate purple and black with death.

In China, it is considered disrespectful to stare into another person's eyes. When in a crowded situation, Chinese will avoide eye contact as a means of maintaining privacy. One should avoid frowning when someone else is speaking since it is considered a sign of disagreement.

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