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Insights gained related to learning objectives. 1. My Sabin line comes from England. My Wood line also emigrated from England. 2. Because of this project I got to listen to a ton of stories from Sabin line. My grandmother Wood was going through some pretty rough times with my grandfather Wood so I got info sent to me via email. 3. I learned new skills on Prezi. I also made a glogster that I am happy about sharing. 4. I did that map. I also made the folder.

This is helpful to me because in my family we are huge about familyand the past. It is important because I can see just exactly where traditions come from. Where I can learn about the struggles that past family members went through and learn from them. I also feel that the past family members stories can help me learn what I want to do as a future parent and what not to do.

Annajean's Culture

Where do I come from?





Learning Objectives1. I wish to understand where I came from and my cultural background.2. I wish to develop my skills of interviewing people and coming up with good questions. Also want to build a relationship with my grandmothers.3. I wish to get better at using glogster and prezi and making it look nice.4. I wish to be able to make family information more excisable for my family for current and future use.

Reflect on specific connections made between independent project and course content My project helped me understand my own culture a little more so that when I become a teacher I can relate to other students. I better understand the importance of diversity and how we can all come together and share with others what is important to us. It can help me teach children about how to show respect to other cultures.

Identify other insights gained not included in your learning objectivesI learned time management.I learned different skills at the Family History Center. I also learned about other people’s family history and how they can connect to me. I also learned how good it feels to help others with their family history.

The ProcessI interviewed Grandma Sabin then she gave me alot of stories about family. I read all the stories and pulled out important details. Then I put details on the map and organized all the information into the folder. Interviewed my Grandma Wood then she gave me stories about family. I read the stories. Organized the stories. Family history center to find missing family stories. Then the Glogster project.




Organization of family stories

Family History Center Research

Reading stories and finding main points

Putting my poster, Glogster, and Prezi together




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